Grocery Store

Well, they're at it again. I thought they'd backed off because I threatened to take pictures of them in public.


Just yesterday in the grocery store, I wasn't in there but 5 minutes when I noticed them. They were hanging around the fruits & veggies, and strategically planted throughout the store. They ALL had cellphones, or bluetooth headsets & also a handheld cell phone. Some of them looked like plainclothes, the others looked like volunteers.

I used to shop at a different store, but because that is where people like them shop naturally, it was harder to pick out the plants from the shoppers. In the new store I shop at now, it is mainly a hispanic oriented grocery, and it is usually not crowded, well lit, no fancy end caps or isles clogged with promotions, etc. They stick out like sore thumbs in there!!

So, I followed THEM around after I noticed them watching me... Then, I went to the checkout- they one by one came over there too. Most of them went into the lanes directly on either side of where they thought I was going to go... even though the lines weren't any shorter. I noticed that a couple of them were hanging back, waiting to be sure which line I'd go through, so that they could get in behind me- as they always do.

I left my cart right next to the line, and walked across back toward the fruit!! They were looking around, trying to track me, having already given each other the go ahead on their phones, or with signals I didn't see. They were so confused, it was hilarious.

SO I deliberately lingered about in random isles, playing a sort of peek a boo with the remaining agents all around the store. Now meanwhile, the other plants who were already in lane were virtually forced to check out with the items they'd already loaded on the belt!

HA HA! 4 down. 4 to go!

I gathered a couple more items and went back to my cart. The rest of the agents & volunteers ran over to get next to me. Again I pulled my cart away and went and did more shopping!! I waited by the end caps, pretending to look at all things, Masa paste and chicharrones! I have never bought chicarrones! I heard one of the agents, he actually had the whole Miami Vice thing going on with the perv shirt & gold chain... he said into his watch or his phone, I couldn't tell... "I think something tipped her off- let's get out of here."

I'm too busy trying to not appear suspicious to the store clerks, but already, my odd behavior has attracted the attention of one clerk- who was looking my way when I was peering over the cheetos by the exit, trying to see where the first batch of 4 people went to when they went into the parking lot! I couldn't tell where in the hell they went, because I glanced over to the right and the clerk was looking at me all weird- I thought he was going to call the cops & he started giving me dirty looks! I never act like this, but today, I just couldn't help myself.

So now the last batch is checking out- and off they go, one by one, looking puzzled, nervous and looking thoroughly like cats that ate the canary!!

I went up and got in line, for real this time, with my son's popsicles... and paid for 55.00 of groceries- with CASH. The clerk knew what they were up to, I've never seen this lady smile, ever. She is a real bitch. Not today! She was fricken smiling from ear to ear, so nervous I think she was going to shit! Damnit, she paid in cash, now we can't confirm her identity- ARgh!?!?!

Ah hah. Another wasted stake-out! Until next time.