stay calm...

Looking back, I remember talking about people being rude to me and what not. I have even said things, bad things, like, I am going to cut them if they get too close, let me put my foot in their A**, etc. in times of weakness. Remember, I just recently found out what they've been doing to me for over 2 years. It's been a very long time of frustration, anger, everything that they'd hoped to accomplish- except my suicide.

Once in awhile, if I made a threat... I'd hear a voice say..."IS THAT A THREAT?!?" out of the thin blue sky.

This leads me to believe that they have planted "spies" in amongst my neighbors. Oh, how I wish I could hurt them how they've tried to hurt me! But, I will remain calm, despite my human-ness and natural reactions. I will be very calm, and laugh in the face of such torment. I will smile, and LAUGH at them!