Search for other peoples internet stories and videos, on utube and others. They are everywhere. This is a widespread phenomenon. My sister, who is normally not that smart or aware of anything, first brought my attention to this thing called "gang stalking." I thought she was crazy at first, but after reading the many dozens of stories out there, all EXACTLY the same as mine, I knew it was real.

The reason they are all the same, is because there is a pattern of systematically wearing down a targeted individual by using tried and true psychological tests. These tests put undue stress on the target, and over time, the attackers ingrain in the victim irrational fears toward things like specific colors of clothing, colors and models of trucks or cars, types of cell phones, or the manner in which a phone is displayed or used, sneakers, sunglasses or hats, whatever. However far these stalkers want to take their games is up to them. Only certain things may catch your attention, so it is their job to MAKE you notice what they want you to, for instance, big grey dodge trucks with tinted windows. They may drive up behind you and flash their brights, or scare you into thinking they are going to run you off the road. They may, seemingly deliberately, shine their brights in your eyes in an intersection where brights would normally be prohibited. They may follow you, in pairs, into Target, without a basket, and go everywhere you do.

I looked into their eyes and they seemed to be deriving great pleasure from their little game. Researching their tactics has shown me that their methods are pretty much standard. They use police tactics of surveillance. Some of the people are geriatric aged, so I assume they must be volunteers. They are volunteering to mess with me!@!

They use your cell phone to track you, so do not use modern conveniences if you want to be left alone. I've even questioned if they could have somehow gotten a transmitter into my body= but I know that sounds crazy, just the stress getting to me. I've almost lost my job 2 times over this, and recently I felt the need to leave town and never look back. Of course, I had to come back, unable to find a house anywhere where I can bring 2 big dogs. We are stuck, and don't know what to do. They won't leave us alone. It's been over 2 years, I am not doing anything wrong. Why won't they leave me alone??? They want me to sit around worried all of the time- but that is over. I am going to make them FAMOUS.

There are these nifty little handled camcorders, so much smaller than the ones they had when I was growing up. They practically fit in the palm of your hand and you can take movies or snaphots with them. I'd just assume use my phone, but again, it's a tracking device. Then again. I could use it to lure them, just so I could take pics of these jerks and prove to all of you that this is real.

Hopefully, if enough people get to see who these jerks are, they won't be able to get away with it and do it to anyone else. Who knows, maybe it will ruin their job! Say they do undercover work and don't want everyone to know who they are. Or, what if their friends and families would be ashamed that they'd targeted and attempted to destory an innocent beings life.