We found papers moved in our house

I found papers that were moved, papers I hadn't seen in years were all of a sudden out, on my desk, next to other papers. It might be receipts, or insurance forms from one insurance company, next to the new policy from my new insurance company. I'm thinking, hmmm.... how the heck did this get here?
My dog licks his paw, to the point of bleeding. I was talking about how he needed a cortisone shot and that was the only thing that worked. One day, I came home, the back door of my house was open, and of course, more papers had been moved. Nothing was stolen, so I knew it wasn't thieves. We don't trust the cops, so it didn't get reported. The weirdest thing started to happen, 3 days had gone by, and I noticed that my old dog had not licked his paw, not even once!

Months have gone by since then, and he is again licking his paw. Did they give my dog a shot to help him? How messed up is that? Break in my house, try to set me up, but help my dog?!?! I mean, it was nice, if they did that- but why not just leave me alone? I am not doing anything wrong. I pay my taxes. I report all my earnings.

One thing though, is I've always been an independent loner type. I am a female, and most of my friends throughout life were always boys. Now that I'm older and have 2 kids, I don't have any friends at all. I have gained weight, and do not have a husband or boyfriend.

Naturally, I am college educated and have always been known to "think too much." I tell people, if your brain isn't for thinking, then why do we have it? They always laugh, see, there you go again!

Guess you could say I was the perfect target. Young, single, smart, a little on crazy side- but not diagnosed with anything- and ALONE.

Whatever you do, if this is happening to you- do not be alone. At least not mentally. Reach out to your family and people who were ever the least bit nice to you from before all of this bad stuff started happening. Remember, these bad guys goal is to have you either committed, or commit suicide. They do not care about you or your children, they just want to get off screwing with you and having POWER AND CONTROL. Funny, that is why I left my ex, because of his constant need for power, and control. Now I have a random group of complete strangers trying to dominate me????