How they Operate

This has been happening for about two years, although recently (I suspect because of conflicts with a coworker who tried to stir things up) it has become much worse.

The first clear cut incident I can recall happened in the grocery store. A girl, who was taller than me, was behind me saying mean things about me. She said many things, but the only one I remember now is "Oh my gosh, look at her hair, look at her highlights, that is funny, I have never seen that before, ha ha ha." Naturally, I turned around and I saw her, laughing, but she pretended to not be saying anything and wouldn't look at me. There were 3 other people, I think men, crowded around her and behind me, so I couldn't really get to her or confront her because she was just out of reach. I didn't want to seem crazy, so I just ignored her. I now know that this was called "mobbing" and they were "anchoring" me and "baiting" me by saying mean things to get my attention. She was wearing yellow shirt, I think, it's been 2 years since then, it could have been green.

Then, on a different day, in a discount store, when I went to checkout, a loud and rowdy girl was telling me to get in the line that had just opened up. I didn't hear her at first, so she grabbed me and said, Hello!, get in the line!. I thought it was weird, and it put me off, I wanted to hit her, but didn't know why. A couple, a man and a woman got right up next to me in the new line, and I noticed that they were peculiar, like investigators or something. It wasn't that they were overdressed, it was that they were under dressed. I knew they had money, so why were they dressing like that? Why would they come into Big Lots and only buy a drink? Especially when the cheaper grocery store was right next door? Also, since when do men and women in their early 40's go shopping together for one can of juice in a discount store on a tuesday afternoon? It just didn't add up. You would have had to be there. It is always like that. It would seem normal- except for one thing- IT'S NOT.

Now, I wouldn't have even remembered this incident, except that recently groups of people started following me in the stores and mobbing my car in the parking lots. No matter where I parked, away from everyone or not, I'd look out of the store window and there'd be 4-6 cars and large trucks parked around mine.

I've been noticing people trying to get next to me in line, or waiting for me to come up to the checkout so they can get next to me or behind me. One time in the freezer isle, a woman walked by and said "whore" under her breath. A man said "slut" under his breath somewhere else, I can't rememebr. I wanted to laugh, I mean, doesn't that seem like something from a movie? There have been many, many times where people in the stores will get right up next to me, even in the spice isle. A young man and woman, about my age, came right up next to me in the spice isle of the grocery store. They didn't have a cart, or a shopping list, just a cell phone. They were just standing there, next to me, looking at spices, not even getting any. I quickly fled the area, only to be mobbed in the milk isle by very tall men, staring at me-I'm going what?? Can't a girl buy some milk? Fine! I'll buy the soymilk freak!! So I bought the soymilk, and the people, some different people were right there in the checkout lane. The clerk said one time, to me, so did you find everything you need? I said yes, I'm buying some treats for the kids. She said, do they know? I said they will. She said, NO, I mean, Do they Know?? I was dumbstruck- what the hell is this psycho talking about I thought. She got on her phone and said something to someone. Then, the guy came up to bag the groceries, and she turned to him and said, I wonder if she knows I know who she is. The guy said what? She said, I KNOW who SHE is!.... By this time I was pissed, and confused. I quickly left the store and went straight home, mad that someone somewhere was obviously talking crap on me, and for some reason I must be under surveillance.

I know now that law enforcement and other groups frequently go to stores, neighbors and others and show them pictures of you and tell them lies just to get them on board with their plot. These people take it upon themselves to "help" catch the evildoers, in this case, apparently me!

We live in an embarrassingly small town in Arizona, where people here literally have nothing to do but watch the sun go down and hunt illegal aliens- Oh, and go to church. There is a church on every corner, that is not an exaggeration. I have heard now, from reading others posts, that the church folks will gladly help the police, or whomever to bully, stalk and harass those suspected of something, even if it is all lies. We came here from another state, and we don't know anyone here. We tried going to church a couple of times, but it wasn't for me. I do believe in a higher power, but to me its personal, and I choose to pray in my own home, on my own time. Here, if you don't go to church, you might as well be the devil.

When in public, I've heard people reiterating bits and pieces of private conversations I had in my home, or on the phone. How could they know this? Does everyone in the world have the exact same things happening to them, and just happen to be standing next to me in Walmart? One time, about a year ago, a girl in walmart, with a cell phone, saw me walk up and got on and started saying and holding her earpiece "girl on left, girl on left." I noticed a man not too far from there turn and try to track me, he then followed me for a brief while, disappeared and another bigger man took his place. This has been happening for awhile. They even do it when I'm with my kids. In the shampoo isle, a woman came near us and was pretending to read the shampoo bottles, and talking on her cell phone, saying "I don't think He even knows, He is standing right here with me, in the shampoo..." I'm going He? Oh yeah, they say He so I won't know it's me! There was nobody else on that isle, or the next for that matter.

Recently, a group of girls followed me into get my eyeglasses at the mall. They split up, and the one in a yellow shirt ran and got in front of me in line. This was the same store that a week earlier a man and a woman were there, going everywhere I went, and not really shopping or buying anything, just watching me (pretending not to watch me, but going everywhere I went). I left that day.

Now I've gone to great lengths to park my car nowhere near my intended destination. I park two stores away, or at different streets, and walk where I'm going. I never bring a cell phone, and always take the battery out of my phones, and laptops.
We've come home and found our doors open. Sometimes, we lock one lock and leave the other one open, just to see if the lock configuration will be that same when we get back. And, wouldn't you know, they messed up and locked it wrong. For instance, I locked the top lock and left the bottom open. Got home, found that the top was open and the bottom was locked.
Even in my home, we unplug all of the cords from the cable boxes, etc., just in case they're compromised, and take the batteries out of the cell phones so they can't be used as passive listening devices.

I recently got wi-fi, and my computer is churning, working overtime. I suspect they may have even hacked that, and are monitoring me that way too. We have no privacy, no even in our own home. From time to time we'll get sick, for no apparent reason, or feel terrible & hot and tired. I won't go so far as to say they're beaming us with rays, but if they could- they would.

My car had a tracker in it, and I discovered this when taking out the dash radio- well it HAD a tracker in it. I was suspicious, because they kept showing up everywhere I went. So, I got online and found some diagrams of how these devices are installed and took out my dash/bezel. I am the one who installed the radio some time ago, so I remember how the wiring harness looked. Now there's some suspicious wires pulled out of the original wiring, and they have little adapters on the ends. There are two wires, one from the cars wires, and one that goes to the stereo's wiring, both with little connnectors. (will post a pic so you can examine your car too). There is nothing hooked up to it, but I suspect that they came and took it out, because I needed my dashboard repaired and was out checking quotes for it. Then, one morning, I went out to the car, I always lock it, and the doors were unlocked! I yelled at my son about it and he started crying, so I knew he wasn't lying- it was THEM. With the new Key Tracers however, looking in the dash might not help. So, every other day or so, we've been crawling under the car to look for something. I can't find it! We will find it- until that time, they'll have fun going everywhere we go. It got to the point that I swore I would not go to the store, not even to buy my children food to eat! I am afraid that I am going to hurt one of them if they get too close to me. But, then again that is what they want.

Do an internet search for Gang Stalking, and read about their goal and how they operate. If this is happening to you, you already know what I am saying is true. There are pschizophrenic people in the world, I am not one. The only thing that was ever wrong with me was a little depression and anxiety, which was due to normal things like relationships, kids in school, etc. I am not crazy, so why can we hear them, even in our house? I have had people over the house that swear they heard someone talking, either in the bathroom or in the bedrooms, saying rude things and commenting at them. It isn't just me. We hear "clicks" in the lights, like they're turning on or off. We ripped the entire house apart. We can't find anything, but I really don't know what we're looking for anyway. The internet guy came to our house, and my dog acted like she'd known him forever. Is this the guy that's been coming in our house?? I thought. No.... that would be nuts!

Again, if this is happening to you, you too have started to mistrust and doubt everything you see as reality. Questioning even the simplest of things, like, did they poison my new Brita filters before they got to my mailbox? Did they tamper with my new cellphone before it ever got to my house? Did they come in and take out all of the "bugs" in here because they knew I was starting to suspect something??

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