I've met with 2 attorneys now, and neither one of them actually believe that any sort of law enforcement would partake in such a lengthy and costly investigation, especially since am doing nothing wrong!! .... Ditto. Normally, in a normal town, in a normal county, this would NOT be happening! They'd never do this, or get away with doing this where I came from. This level of deceit and corruption could only occur in bum-fricked egypt- aka where I live now.

The attorney's said that maybe AN ex hired some "piece of shit" private investigator to follow around, maybe they're trying to get the kids. (but then why would there be SO many of them?!?, and why would they be concerned with what groceries was buying?!?) Novel idea, yet neither of the ex's give a flying crap what am doing, as long as I'm not coming after them for money- and am not. Nope, not the ex's, though that would be the most logical choice.

However, down here in bum-fricked egypt, it's real easy to make enemies.

There is NOTHING to do here, except gossip and pretend your perfect. If you say anything, I mean anything at all about anyone, they will twist it, taint it, and by the time it gets back to you (if you are fortunate to even know who hates you) nothing is what it started as. Like the old telephone game. This place is like a giant high school. I have made many the enemy trying to stand up to these assholes. This place is full of assholes, and they're far and wide.

List of places that assholes dwell:
  • public schools (principals, teacher's whose husbands are sheriffs deputies)
  • businesses (office supply stores where the owner is defrauding the DoD and whose wife runs the hospital, and 1/2 of their business is from 1. the hospital and 2. the D0D)
  • law enforcement (who don't know the difference between a gang tattoo and a normal got drunk one night in vegas and let a hot chick with a nice rack tat me up with gay ass rainbow & ocean wave tats on my right bicep for all the world to see)
  • neighbors & church (obviously, neighbors that run the church and are friends with the corrupt business owners who are married to the bored law enforcement that tell people when they can go see their kids or grand-kids at public school)
  • Military - nuff said
  • any combination of the above, and then some.
That is a huge list of assholes!

For some reason I am really good at pissing people off. It is a gift I guess, but likewise, I am just as good at making people happy- when I feel like it. It's got to be this place. This place, with nothing to do, and nobody really worth knowing (that isn't putting on a facade so as to not be targeted in this shitty hole of a town) or worth trusting. I have found this out the hard way, way too many times already, and it's only been 3 years. My cousin moved down here too, and some friends of his said- Dude: be careful who you talk to & what you say. It's just like "that" down here.

Wow, guess I didn't get the MEMO.