I have not been "doing" this, until they started doing it to me. Actually, I didn't even KNOW what to think.... that is until Marcus pointed it out to me after I came out and told him my worries. Then, finally, about 2 months ago- IT ALL MADE SENSE! Seriously, I didn't know what was going on, and merely suspected I was a little crazy, or that everyone else were just a-holes.

It starts out slow, with them getting a feel for you, your every move, pattern and likes/dislikes, tendencies, whatever. I believe they call that a "profile". Then, they get next to you, figure you out. (this happened with a series of random encounters, from strangers trying to talk to me- the kids were with me then and did see some of this- just ask Jacob about the weird Asian guy at the ice cream parlor.) This was in the very beginning of it all.

Then, they position their people near you when you happen to do what you normally do, where you normally go. They may use "brighting" tactics to sensitize you to their presence. look up the old "cointelpro" or red squad, cia papers- there are IN FACT training courses, given on (name withheld) that TEACH this type of behavior and it is making a huge comback- with funding from the gov't and the military to hunt down anyone that may presume a threat to the safety of our nation- or anyone else they want to screw with, usually outspoken individuals, whistleblowers, marginalized persons (welfare, gays/lesbos, single mothers, minorities, anyone who is outside of the "box").

You never know it, well some people never do. I didn't know it, until recently, when the things in the beginning started connecting to things in the present, i.e., crap from back then (that was used to profile me, or sensitize me) was being combined with "directed conversation" when in public, in line, or in almost any store in town- mainly fry's, food city and walmart, then recently even Sears... or, outright rude comments, i swear, if i'd had a video camera then! but of course I didn't, and those a-holes knew nobody would ever believe it, that is how they operate- it is tried and true- look it up!!

It can and IS happening, all over America, right now, to innocent, unsuspecting people.

I could have gone on, oblivious, thinking that everyone in Glendale were just assholes! And then, Marcus showed me the truth, and I did my own research. Found out that it IS happening, everywhere, and overwhelmingly, the stories are almost EXACTLY the same!

"they" are doing this "by the book" (look up brighting, gaslighting, street theatre/drama, organized stalking). What their methods do is get in your head, slowly, over time. Then, they have got in your head through their series of tried and true techniques, again, tested trained and studied since world war 1, even Hitler was doing it! There is MUCH documentation on this fact, just look it up!
Then, they have you where they want you and systematically ruin your life.

I told you guys because I don't want them to succeed. This is terrible, and it isn't fair.

The goal is to make me seem crazy- to remove my systems of moral and other support, make me lose my kids, my house, my job and my mind. BUT!!!! Knowing their goal gives me POWER, and they will not succeed. I will NOT kill myself, no matter what they try to do, because I am on to them and I KNOW I AM NOT CRAZY.

They must have got ahold of my papers, because they are in my files in my house (and they have in fact been in my house illegally, looking through our crap, look it up, research it, it is WHAT THEY DO.) and thought that I was the perfect target. But, "they" don't know what I just told you, in the above paragraphs (conversation edited and sensitive data removed), they only know what was on the paper, and it was all LIES and you know it! So, they're operating under the misconception that their efforts will effect the kind of results that they're banking on, tried and true based on the profile of me, but they formulated their profile based on misconceptions and misinformation- which is why i have not committed suicide yet. But, i did almost lose my job, and have suffered other effects of their ongoing and continued underhanded harassment. Those effects are all in their plan, not mine. Now that I know what they're up to, I can start to de-sensitize myself and LAUGH at their sorry ass attempts. This very well may be a training op for people taking HUMINT classes on (name withheld), combined with the support of the sheriff's volunteers and local shopkeepers that have been told I am on a watch list. It is so, so common.

See, just because YOU don't know, doesn't mean I am a liar or Crazy, it just means you need to do a little more research or look with an open mind. If I was crazy, I wouldn't risk telling anyone- because then everyone would know I was nuts. I am not crazy, and I need for you to know that. I don't NEED for you to know that, I just don't want you stressing out because Marcus says stuff, or Jen hangs up the phone and yells at me because she "thinks" i am being paranoid. I WISH it was just that, that would make things so easy, i could go shopping in Ross, Fry's and Walmart and not have someone pop up and signal to whoever, then go away, and have a new person pop up and tail me, and get behind me in line for whatever reason. I could pay with my credit card or debit card, instead of always having (removed for privacy) pay with cash, that I have to get way in advance just in case. I could smile at people, and like everyone around me, like a normal person.

That would be great. But they won't stop- not as long as I am in town, and maybe, not even then (according to other people who have been TI's, targeted individuals of this organized stalking). But, get this, I went shopping in Phoenix, and "they" weren't there! It was wonderful and I came back and walked on air for a couple days, what a relief to know that I can be free from them, if I go away from here. Now, being conditioned to believe they're there all the time, it took a few minutes and re-thinks every time someone got near me, but alas, it all worked out normal in that store. It was normal, they weren't there. Again, Proof that I am not imagining anything. Every time I tell mom on your phone that I am going shopping, they show up or are already there. One time, i deliberately told Jacob on my cell a bunch of places I was going, so they'd all go there. Then, I deliberately went everywhere except those places and guess what, they weren't following me! They are ROOKIES.

Now, I think I know whose is doing this and how it started, but it doesn't matter, because it won't stop until they are EXPOSED, on youtube, everywhere. Or, if there are people helping that aren't protected by a badge or LE umbrella, i.e., just plain citizens, church people or whomever- they can be sued for stalking-

Please do me a favor, humor me, click on all of these links!

Now tell me i'm paranoid. Please.
DON'T FEEL BAD FOR ME, JUST BELIEVE ME. AND THEN FORGET ABOUT IT-so they don't start targeting you too.